Monday, January 21, 2008

Apple Announces MacBook Air among other NEW announcements

During the MacWorld Expo, Steve Jobs gave an interesting keynote speech where he started off speaking about the success of Apple over the last year. Thereafter, he introduced Apple’s new products which concentrated on 4 major themes:

  1. a backup appliance called “Time Capsule” which acts as a wireless backup server and doubles as a wireless base station
  2. iPhone software developments and new enhancements to software including google maps integration which is able to pinpoint your location, sms to multiple recipients & home screen customization.
  3. iTunes Movie Rentals & a revised Apple TV (”Take Two”)
  4. MacBook Air - “The world’s thinnest notebook”. This is a really awesome breakthrough in technology.

You can see the whole 90 minute keynote here <> or watch the highlights in 60 seconds below:

I was always curious on getting my hands on an Apple TV. But now after watching this, I have to have one. I still don’t know how its going to be able to download a HD quality move (unfortunately only Dolby 5.1) but as the technology is so new, it is amazing to think how they can do it. Also, Apple is so smart with their marketing, “In HD, they are just a dollar more” when comparing normal DVD quality rentals to HD ones. And if I could afford it, the MacBook Air really looks incredible. As you know, I just got into Macs so I have at least another 2 years to wait before buying a new one… It should be much better by then…
There were so many obvious key points how they are making everything “better” but one thing not so obvious was the close alliance with Google. We all know how everyone is predicting Google to rule the world someday. Such an alliance will put Apple in a really good position when Google supersedes everyone else. If it ever happens, of course. In addition to this, you really see how they are so focused on simplicity. Apple is really making the lives of those using Apple products so much easier whether they are iPhone, iPod Touch, Apple TV users or Mac users.
For more info on any of the products mentioned above, you can refer to the Apple website.

Originally posted on January 20th, 2008

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