Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How to upgrade the memory on your MacBook

If you purchased your Mac with upgraded memory then it will come pre-installed with the amount of memory you have chosen. But for many of us, we decide after using it a few weeks that we would like to upgrade the memory. The process is extremely easy and I will show you how in 6 steps.

Required items:

  • Coin for unlocking the battery lock
  • A small or precision screwdriver
Memory Upgrade:

  1. Turn the MacBook over being cautious not scratch it. You will see a screw in the locked position which you need to unlock by turning the with a small coin such as a penny. Once you unlocked, the battery will come loose.

  2. Carefully pull the battery and set aside.

  3. You will see three small screws which holds a bracket into place. You will need the small or precision screwdriver to unscrew the three screws. Unscrew in any order one by one. Be careful to place the screws in a safe place so you don't lose them.

  4. Release the bracket by pulling back from the right side and lifting out from the battery compartment.

  5. There is a small sliding lever to release the memory modules from their slots. Slide the lever to the left to release the memory. After releasing the memory be careful when handling the memory modules. Be sure to hold by the edges and avoid touching the gold contacts which can damage the memory modules.

  6. Now you are ready to insert your upgrade memory modules by inserting back into the slots displayed in step #5. After you have fitted the memory modules just replace the bracket, battery and lock and you will be good to go.

Once all the steps have been completed, turn on your Mac to ensure that the memory is updated as expected. You can go to the "Apple Menu-->About this Mac" to confirm that the memory you installed is recognized by the system. If you encounter errors or inaccurate memory specifications, reopen the memory compartment and reseat the memory modules.


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