Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom

There is a feature in OSX where you can zoom in on the entire screen. It is very useful when you want to zoom in on small text or to have a closer look at a photo. I found this feature by accident, and found it very useful after I figured out how it worked.

There are a few ways to do use this feature. The first is with the mouse, the second is with the trackpad & the third is with the keyboard.

1) Using the mouse: I discovered this trick by accident of course. In order to use this trick with a mouse, a scroll wheel is required for this trick. All you need to do is press CONTROL while scrolling up on the mouse to zoom in. To zoom out, do the opposite by pressing CONTROL while scrolling down on the mouse.

2) Using the trackpad: This is a little tricky to do but becomes easier over time. To zoom in, you need to press CONTROL while placing 2 fingers on the trackpad one kept still with the second finger moving in an upward fashion. To zoom out, just do the opposite by pressing CONTROL while placing 2 fingers on the trackpad with one finger kept still with the second figure moving in a downward fashion.

3) Using the keyboard: This is my favorite as I find it the most convenient, as your fingers never leave the keyboard. For me, this function was not enabled by default and I had to enable it. To enable this functionality use the default key sequence, press "ALT+⌘+8". Then you can use the zoom functionality by pressing "ALT+⌘+'+'(plus/equal)" keys to zoom in and "ALT+⌘+'-'(minus/underscore)" keys to zoom out.

If you want to see the options for zooming in, or if it not working as explained above, go to Universal Properties from the System Properties. From here you are able to see whether the zoom functionality is turned on or not. Also, you have options to fine tune the zoom preferences.

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