Sunday, May 31, 2009

MacUpdate Bundle Pack

The guys over at MacUpdate have started selling their new bundle pack for Spring 2009. Normally I wouldn't get too excited over these packages but this one has some very interesting applications included all for $49.99. The special offer only lasts for 2 weeks until June 12th. So for anyone interested in these wonderful apps act quickly.

There are 2 in particular which I will highlight: Parallels Desktop 4 & TechTool Pro 5.

I previously purchased Parallels desktop 3. It is an application that allows you to virtually run your Windows OS within your Mac. I purchased this so I could easily run Windows or Windows applications in case I could not do what I needed on the Mac.

TechTool Pro is a utility application for testing, repair and maintenance. It gives you an overview of your basic computing environment such as CPU, memory load and disk space. Apple includes a version of this application in its AppleCare Protection Plan.

The list of applications in this bundle include the following:
  • TechTool Pro 5 (valued at $98.00) - Utility tool to check the health of your RAM, hard drives. Can be used to repair problems and optimize performance
  • Parallels Desktop 4 (valued at $79.99) - Virtualization tool for running Windows inside of Mac.
  • NetBarrier X5 (valued at $49.95) - Firewall for the Mac!
  • Circus Ponies Notebook 3 (valued at $49.95) - Organization tool for taking notes
  • DVDRemaster Pro 5 (valued at $49.99) - Backup DVDs, and conversion to iPod, iPhone and AppleTV
  • Multiplex (valued at $35.00) - DVD management and movie playback
  • RipIt (valued at $18.99) - Extract DVDs to your hard drive
  • MoneyWell (valued at $49.99) - Finance management software with direct connect banking and envelope budgeting
  • Paperless (valued at $44.95) - Scan and manage your receipts
  • Posterino (valued at $24.95) - Create posters, postcards and photo frames using photos stored deep within your hard drives
  • BetterZip (valued at $19.95) - Zip compression tool
For the first 20,000 buyers, they also included 2 bonus applications:
Today, they just added a new application for the first 25,000 buyers.
  • Voila (valued at $39.95) - Tool allowing you to capture windows on your screen and store, organize and share them.
It keeps getting better and better!
And again, it only lasts until June 12th.


  1. The other day they added another new application for the first 35,000 users. In addition, they have extended the offer until June 14th! You have one last chance to catch this great bundle.

    Excerpt from the email I received:
    The second app is RAGE MapDesign (normally $19.95), a great tool for creating interactive image maps from the Web development experts at RAGE Software. With MapDesign, you can take an image and easily create links or captions that appear when the cursor is over only certain parts of it. If you have a Web site or need one hosted, be sure to check out RAGE Software for more great tools and services!

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