Friday, June 5, 2009

Google Chrome Developer Release for Mac OSX

In anticipation of the Google Chrome release, I have been playing around with daily builds of Chromium, the open source browser project that Google Chrome will be based on. It is far from perfect but it does allow you to get an idea of what's to come: Chromium Latest Builds

Today, Google released a developer release of Google Chrome. This is an early release of the final product but clearly shows that there are major advancements. On the Official Blog, they discourage downloading the application aside from developers. But I'm sure all of you are curious, so here is the download link: Google Chrome Developer Release

Before installing, I recommend to read through the privacy notes so you know what you are getting yourself into: Mac OSX Developer Release Privacy Notice

From what I could see from my test drive the biggest limitation today is that Flash content was not viewable. That means YouTube or most mutimedia content on many popular websites is not available. Also Google mentioned in multiple posts that many privacy settings are not available.

On the other hand, the browser seems to be built upon a core that is very stable in this early release. In addition the browser is blazing fast. You also get incognito mode which hides any trace of the websites you view. Another new addition is the auto-update feature which was not available in Chromium without installing 3rd party software. Now you know you will always have access to the latest release within a day of release.

I won't spend my time using this browser full time yet. But I will give it a go from time to time (with the latest automatically updated release) to see how it has advanced.

So now the biggest question on my mind is when will a fully functioning public release become available? Its just a matter of time now...

View the images below for a look first hand look at what Google Chrome looks like.

For more information on Google Chrome please refer to the following links:

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