Saturday, August 1, 2009

Watch YouTube with Google Chrome for Mac OSX

Previously I wrote a post about the release of the developer version of Google Chrome for Mac. Since then, I read an article about enabling plug-ins which in effect allows you to view YouTube videos in Chrome!

To try this out, you just need to open the terminal application (Application/Utilities/Terminal.apps) and launch the application by command line while adding a parameter option. The command below may differ based on the location that you have your Google Chrome application installed.

/Applications/Google\\ Chrome --enable-plugins

Alternatively, you could create a script that runs this application with the parameter option. But honestly at this stage, I do not thing it is worth the effort.

I do have to admit, this workaround is nice to play with but it is not perfect. The controls can be buggy and not always responsive when trying to navigate through the video. In addition, adding this parameter will cause the application to become more sluggish and crash unexpectedly. Although, it is fun to play around with while we are waiting for this to be perfected.

Last but not least, this setting works for both Google Chrome & Chromium browsers.