Saturday, April 17, 2010

Broken Home Button on iPhone

The most illogical thing happened to me today. I have had issues with my Home Button on my iPhone for several months now. It gradually got worse to the point that it became completely unresponsive. Today i decided to go to the service center to have it fixed.

I cleaned up the phone to reduce the chance of Apple blaming me for the hardware failure. At this time I noticed some scratches on the protective screen protector so I took it off. An hour later, while in the MTR i noticed that my Home Button was resposive. After further tests, I realized that it was working fine. Even the double click to iPod.

I know this story sounds completely illogical but somehow all my issues are solved. So if any of you out there have issues with your iPhone and you have a protective screen cover, you know what to do.

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