Thursday, May 27, 2010

3G iPad - How to convert your SIM card to a micro SIM card

I waited a long time for my 3G iPad and now that it is here, I want to use it how it was meant to be used. I was thinking of my options and the obvious choice was to make use of what I already had: My iPhone SIM.

First things first.
I needed a way to put the SIM card back into the iPhone so I needed to look for an adapter. I had a look around the local shops and surprisingly could not find anything. A simple web search pointed me to what I was looking for. An Austrian company, Microsim-Shop, is selling them for €5.99 with free international shipping. It sounded too good to be true but I gave it a try anyway. I wouldn't be happy being scammed but €5.99 is not a big loss if I were scammed.

When it arrived a week later, I was actually surprised. Not only that it came but also because it came exactly as advertised.

Let the cutting begin!
Side by side, you can see there is a huge size difference between Micro SIM and regular SIM.

Due to this, you need to cut the SIM down to the size of a Micro SIM.

I started by overlaying the adapter on top of my existing SIM card. Then with a pencil, marked down where the edges should be using the inner edge of the adapter.

Once done, you just need to cut the card just outside of the pencil marks to match the size of a Micro SIM card.

The first edge I cut with a razor. The razor made a nice straight line but took much longer than I spend cutting the SIM card.

To save time, I pulled out a pair of scissors instead of using the razor. The edges are not as straight but good enough!

The end result gave me a new Micro SIM card that fit nicely into my new Micro SIM adapter.

The Micro SIM card fits nicely in the tray although you can see I cut a little too much off the slanted edge. Not a big deal as it still fits in the SIM card tray quite nicely.

3G iPad here I come!
Now the ultimate test, I put the SIM card in the iPad and give it a go.

The first thing you have to do is go to your iPhone Cellular Data settings and make a note of the APN settings. Type the same setting into the Cellular Data settings of your iPad. In my case it is

Once done, check to see that you catch a signal from your provider (in my case 3 mobile) and ensure it is in 3G. Then open a browser and browse to your favorite website.

Simple as that. You can now use your new Micro SIM to access the Internet from your iPad.

This is not a permanent solution as I eventually want to use both my iPhone and iPad at the same time. But for now it will do. There are other options I use to browse the Internet by Tethering using my iPhone but that is another post all together (Coming Soon!).

As a final note, the technique mentioned above is for information purposes. If you run into any issues, I am more than willing to help although I cannot guarantee this technique will work for everyone. Also, there is a risk that you incorrectly cut your SIM card making it completely unusable. Please use at your own risk!


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