Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Awesome Note Recovery to new iPhone

Restoring your iPhone manually sure is a pain.  But if you want to avoid any conflicts or issues with restoring backups to a new iPhone, you really have no choice.

I previously wrote a post about iBlacklist and this is the next in the series.  I will continue one by one until all my important apps with data stored locally are restored.

So I had a look at the system to see if I could find the Awesome Notes data.  And after a quick search found the files I was looking for. It was not quite as simple but was able to find the info I was looking for without too many difficulties.

  • Jailbroken iPhones
  • OpenSSH on both old and new Jailbroken iPhones
  • Awesome Note application installed on both iPhones
Backup Location:
  • Appears to be random but within a folder in /User/Applications/ directory.
Steps to recover your  Awesome Note: 
  1. Close Awesome Note on your new iPhone and make sure it is not running in the background.  If it is, double tap your home button and hold down any backgrounded app for 2 seconds to allow you to close the app.  
  2. Get the IP Address from your iPhones:  Settings => Wi-Fi => Click on Blue arrow on your Wi-Fi access point => DHCP => IP Address
  3. SSH to your old iPhone:
    • ssh root@[old iPhone IP Address]
  4. Locate your Awesome Note directory: 
    • find / -name '*aNote*' -print
    • The output should display /private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/Library/aNoteFolder
  5. Create a container (otherwise known as zip) of the application data.  This includes the preferences. 
    • tar cvf /private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/aNoteLibrary.tar /private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/Library
  6. Copy the files from old iPhone:
    • scp root@[old iPhone IP Address]:/private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/aNoteLibrary.tar .
  7. SSH to your new iPhone:  
    • ssh root@[new iPhone IP Address]
  8. Locate your Awesome Note directory: 
    • find / -name '*aNote*' -print
    • The output should display /private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/Library/aNoteFolder
  9. Copy the files to your new iPhone: 
    • scp aNoteLibrary.tar root@[new iPhone IP Address]:/private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/aNoteLibrary.tar
  10. Backup the original data directory: 
    • mv /private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/Library /private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/Library.old
  11. Unpack the container file: 
    • tar xvf /private/var/mobile/Applications/[aNote Directory]/aNoteLibrary.tar
  12. Launch Awesome Note on your new iPhone and confirm that everything is there. 
  13. Reset your passcodes for any folders that were passcode protected.  I am not sure why these settings were not carried over. 
  14. Done
Once done, you end up with all the settings from your previous phones including all the images and maps you had on your old iPhone.  

Let me know if you need clarification.  And as always, please comment if this procedure was useful for you.


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