Sunday, February 24, 2013

How to run applications in background without backgrounder

I have been searching for a backgrounder alternative ever since jailbreak for ios6 came out. As there seems to be nothing existing, i did a little research and then started doing random searches on my iPhone. Luck was on my side as i found exactly what i was looking for.

This guide will walk you through a manual process to update configuration files using my particular example but i am going to make an assumption that this will also apply for other apps as well. I recommend backing up your iphone if you are not comfortable with any of the steps before beginning.

First, there are some prerequisites:
- iPhone (this should apply for any iPhone model)
- iOS 6 (this should apply for any sub version)
- jailbroken phone using Evasi0n
- iFile (search on cydia)

Once you have the prerequisites in place, its time to begin.
For my particular example, i play a game called Kingdom Conquest. This is an online game with active participation and communication with your online mates. But this game can take ages to load and when battling in game, time is of the essence, it is difficult to switch between applications knowing you have to reload the game every time you go back to it.

First, you need to locate the game on your iPhone. Launch iFile and use the search bar (may be a paid option) to find the application you are looking for. For my case, i searched for "kingdom". A long list of files should display. Open them up one by one until you find the location of the application you are looking for. This should be inside /var/mobile/Applications/[long string id]/[Application Name]. I will refer to this location as the application directory.

Inside the application directory, scroll down until you find the file Info.plist. Open this file and put the file in edit mode. Use the search bar to find the parameter, "UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend". There will be a key right below that will be set to true. Change this parameter to "False" and save the file. Example below.

That is it. Make sure the application is not running and give it a try. When switching between applications, it should stay running in the background.

Note: Using the home button to open another application will stop the application from running in the background.

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  1. 'Using the home button to open another application will stop the application from running in the background.'

    If that is the case, how does one switch application without using the home button and keep the application running in the background?

    1. The day i wrote this article was the day i found the solution and unfortunately didn't really play around with it much at the time. Since then, i confirm, it is not the case. I believe the reason it restarted the application was because i was low on memory at that time.

      To answer your question, you double click the home button to switch to different applications. This was what i had in mind when i wrote that statement.

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  2. I have bmw connect and the moment I hit the button it exits the apps. And mine is already set to false

  3. i cant find UIApplicationExitsOnSuspend in my app


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